I can't believe we are starting our third full week of school! The kiddos have started to settle in nicely and are learning so much already! I am still currently out on maternity leave but will be returning after Labor Day!

The kindergarten classes have already completed kindergarten bootcamp,where they learned all about the dos and don'ts inside and outside of the classroom! They are currently working on the ABC bootcamp where they learn to identify the letters and sounds. They also have been learning about same and different,days of the week and months of the year. 

This year we have added some social skills to the curriculum and we have learned about following directions, sharing, being a friend, rules,etc.

Loogootee Schools are working really hard to add STEM in the classroom. LES has put STEM on the calendar for the last Friday of every month. This month, kindergarten learned about what STEM is and worked with partners to recreate Jack in the Beanstalks! They had a blast and did an amazing job! 

Check back soon for more updates and pictures! :)