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    • February 24 - 28

      Dear Parents/Guardians,


      Here are the assignments for this week.  If you have any questions, please contact me.   


      Mrs. T. Smith


                        Homework Week of Feb. 24 - 28



      Reading: Read “Carl the Complainer” pages 230 - 247.  Study vocabulary cards. Do Speed Drill for Monday.

      Math:      None. Topic 9 Test Wednesday.

      Spelling: Go over spelling words.


      Reading:  Read “Carl the Complainer” pages 230 - 247..  Study vocabulary cards. Do Speed Drill for Tuesday.
      Math:      Start studying for Topic 9 Test.  Test is tomorrow..

      Spelling:  Study spelling words.  Practice test tomorrow.


       Reading:  Read for 20 minutes.  Study vocabulary cards.  Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow.  Do Speed Drill for Wednesday.

      Math:        None.

      Spelling:   Study spelling words.  Circle Test is tomorrow.

      English:    Review singular and plural pronouns.  Daily grade tomorrow.


      Reading:  Read for 20 minutes. Study vocab. cards. Grade on vocabulary on Friday.  Do Speed Drill for Thursday.  Speed Drill is due tomorrow.

      Math:       None

      Spelling:  Study; final test tomorrow.

      English:   Review singular and plural pronouns.  Daily grade tomorrow.

      Friday:    No homework


      Assign On: 2/24/2020
      Due: 2/28/2020
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