1st Grade Art Projects

1st grade Art Concept

These are the art projects that will be completed by first grade art students. 


  1. Hungry Caterpillar

- Cut circles, draw their favorite food, then draw a caterpillar head

- Draw a butterfly

  1. Where the Wild Things Are

-Draw a monster using colored pencils

  1. Paper plate owl

  2. Leaf art (everyday art book 8)

  3. Apple banner, alternating pattern (eab, 23)

  4. Design a crown (eab31)

  5. Cut out Snowflakes

  6. Make thanksgiving turkey

  7. Cornucopia color sheet

  8. draw basic shapes: squares, circle, triangles, rectangles, etc. . .

  9. Design a castle (Jamestown blog)

  10. Design a dragon (Jamestown blog)

  11. Do a pattern drawing

  12. Scary pumpkin